Four stories narrated in comic art to tell of four great epochs that have marked Sicily's art and history

Surely you know Sicily for its sea, its beautiful landscapes and its ancient historical heritage. But have you ever thought about experiencing this land through the eyes of its past? A past that is rich in events, battles and heroes, passions, betrayals and friendships that have witnessed the passing of the many glorious ages.

Well, together with my friends, and through the efforts of the Sicily Histories association, we want to create a book containing B/W illustrations in comic form, bringing together some of the tales and characters that we thought of reviving from the four major historical periods that define Sicily's past.

The first historical period is that of Greek and Roman classicism, represented by the adventures of a Carthaginian slave on the run with a talented Greek student during the Punic Wars in Sicily. With a leap in time, we arrive at the age of ''love, arms, knights and audacious exploits" during the reign of Frederick II of Swabia, when scholarly Arabs such as Ja'far coexisted peacefully with Swabian knights like Godfrey. Later again, the earthquake of 1693 takes us rapidly to the splendour of the Baroque era in the south-east of Sicily - the reconstruction of church buildings is too lucrative an opportunity for Antonio Basile not to try to profit from it.

And finally, the epic of Garibaldi, which marks the end of Sicilian independence and fascinates also the young Amelia, although she is the daughter of pure blood Bourbon aristocrats. 

The text will be enhanced with exclusive fine art images of places associated with the stories, because in Sicily, story and reality, very often overlap and merge.

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