Historical Itineraries- garibaldi and the kingdom of italy

From Marsala to Catania on the route of Garibaldi's Expedition of the Thousand.

The arrival of Garibaldi in Sicily, the expulsion of the Bourbons and the unification with the new Kingdom of Italy is a time of change for all sections of the population: those who see in the new government hope for changing their fate and alternatively those who struggle to keep their power intact

day 1: Palermo

day 2: Marsala

day 3: Salemi - Calatafimi

day 4: Palermo

day 5: Milazzo

day 6: Catania

day 7: Catania/Palermo

7 Days Tour

day 1: Palermo

day 2: Marsala

day 3: Salemi - Calatafimi - Segesta

day 4: Trapani

day 5: Palermo

day 6: Palermo

5 Days Tours

day 1: Catania

day 2: Catania

day 3: Acireale

day 4: Messina

day 5: Catania

5 Days Tours
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