Historical Itineraries

Greek-Roman Period. Tours for discovering traces of the Greek and Roman past of the island. Starting from Catania we will arrive in Marsala, passing through Syracuse, Piazza Armerina, Morgantina, Selinunte and the Valley of the Temples. See more

Arab-Norman Period. A route through places of the Swabian period, the height of cultural progress in Medieval Sicily. Frederick II, the last virtuous sovereign of the kingdom of Sicily, made this land a place of culture and intellectual fervour, bringing to fulfillment what the Arabs and Normans before him had started in the field of visual arts and intercultural dialogue, although relationships between the different cultural components were not always easy. Our itinerary discovers the places of the Frederick and Norman Arabic period. See more

Spanish Period. From Catania to the south east, to discover the Baroque town of Val di Noto, UNESCO heritage site since 2002. Baroque is a unique architectural style, which characterises the reconstruction of the south-eastern town of Sicily, destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1693. Our journey starts from Catania to discover the places of the architectural renaissance of the southeast of the island. See more

Modern Period. From Marsala to Catania on the route of Garibaldi's Expedition of the Thousand. The arrival of Garibaldi in Sicily, the expulsion of the Bourbons and the unification with the new Kingdom of Italy is a time of change for all sections of the population: those who see in the new government hope for changing their fate and alternatively those who struggle to keep their power intact. See more.

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