"La gamificazione del reale" - as the term "gamification" could be interpreted in Italian - is a reality already present in Europe and is used in different social contexts, such as business conventions, as well as school trips or leisure moments in organised tours. It is about applying game-design elements to reality, allowing more individual interaction with the surrounding space, which now becomes an active protagonist of the participating group's dynamics. This relates not only as a social nucleus, but as a social group within a spatial context, the evolution of which is managed as a recreational activity making the experience unique, new and with a highly personal meaning. The use of a playful reality, among other things, has the considerable advantage of being able to reduce tension that real social interaction could trigger, with the consequence of cracking the spirit of positivity and their involvement in a shared experience.

Through the guidance of a Master, visitors / players will be drawn into a creative and adventurous atmosphere following the plot of the main characters related to the selected tourist route, with the possibility of experiencing Sicily no longer in the traditional manner, but by means of innovative, fascinating and dynamic viewpoints, completely absorbing the player in his surroundings, almost as if it were role - playing. The role-playing game, that is the strong realism of a playful dimension, takes place without the use of paper, finding its limit only in the player's imagination, who has the opportunity to give new meaning to his surroundings, thanks to the Master - who issues guidelines to the game - and the tour guide, who provides his own appropriate and necessary information of a guided tour in the historical - cultural sites.

Gamification and storytelling, therefore, in the context of Sicily Histories excursions, become two entwined dynamics while, at the same time, are autonomous, allowing the visitor to decide freely whether to be in a dynamic, active or reflective dimension of the guided tour.

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